Thursday, March 24, 2016

Railway Lines and Towns

I've been adding to the types of terrain I use in Stars & Crosses games. Look for railway lines and some new town/city pieces in these photos. The buildings are from Leven Miniatures in the UK.
Canal curves around a neighborhood of townhouses.

Tiger lurking in the town square.

I like using short depth of focus to add emphasis.

German GW 42 120mm mortar team.

Bombed-out buildings by Timecast.

Tiger closeup. Note its armor of 5... formidable!

8-wheeled German scout with 38mm gun.

This board is sized for 1 vs. 1 platoon action.

The city block in the center is new.

Railway line with engine house.

Overhead view of town center.

Smaller houses on edge of town.

Use a limited color palette to unite terrain features.

Rail line passing by farmland.

Road sections skirting a hill hex.

Canal lock with lock-keeper's house.