Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Action Shots

A Stars & Crosses scenario using my collection of terrain pieces and miniatures, with my love of wargaming and scale modeling on proud display. Some of these hexes are included as free printables with the game.
A move order is given to a recon unit.

A Wehrmacht infantry squad holds the heights.

An 88mm gun is well dug-in.

The Germans are ready to hold the bridge.

You go left, I'll go right.

Transports parked on the near side of the ridge.

The view from the German position.

A second line of defense: blockhouse with barbed wire.

Flooded lowlands create a moat for attacking US forces.

Beyond the coast, bocage country awaits.

HMG nests are purchasable units in the game.

Allied bombers took a toll here.

P-47's view of the action.

Just pop any unit in the dugout to get a cover bonus.

Platoon leader situated to give orders to the infantry.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mosaic Made with Stars & Crosses Terrain Hexes

I whipped up this mosaic to give you an example of the sorts of layouts you can create with the print-and-play terrain hexes in the Stars & Crosses printables PDF included FREE with the core rules. Each hex is 4 inches across and can be glued on a standard styrofoam or laser-cut MDF base for improved stability.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sample Stars & Crosses Terrain Hexes

Here are some sample terrain hexes, photographed from my own terrain library. Buildings are by Leven Miniatures and are used with their permission. The label on each hex tells you the terrain type, any armor bonus given to infantry, and any cover bonus.

Sample Stars & Crosses Counters

Here is a sample sheet of counters for Stars & Crosses showing some Wehrmacht units. Reading from the upper left corner of each counter, you can see the armor penetration of each unit's weapon at ranges of 1 to 4 hexes; any special unit codes such as "D" for a unit that must deploy before firing; the number of dice rolled by the unit in attack; it's armor rating; and its move rating.