Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Action Shots

A Stars & Crosses scenario using my collection of terrain pieces and miniatures, with my love of wargaming and scale modeling on proud display. Some of these hexes are included as free printables with the game.
A move order is given to a recon unit.

A Wehrmacht infantry squad holds the heights.

An 88mm gun is well dug-in.

The Germans are ready to hold the bridge.

You go left, I'll go right.

Transports parked on the near side of the ridge.

The view from the German position.

A second line of defense: blockhouse with barbed wire.

Flooded lowlands create a moat for attacking US forces.

Beyond the coast, bocage country awaits.

HMG nests are purchasable units in the game.

Allied bombers took a toll here.

P-47's view of the action.

Just pop any unit in the dugout to get a cover bonus.

Platoon leader situated to give orders to the infantry.


  1. This is fantastic. I just got your book in the mail today. I just to start collecting micro scale armor now.

    1. Glad to have you aboard! Thanks for your purchase! I highly recommend the "6mm wargaming and terrain" group on Facebook if you're not already a member.

  2. I love how you've sunk that field gun in the hex. I've seen you do that a couple of times. Very cool.